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Homeless Connect is run on a very small budget – we rely on the kindness of donors to provide in-kind support and cash to purchase much needed items. You can help: view our donation drive poster and additional information.

Many agencies work with the homeless community year-round and Homeless Connect is just one event that is coordinated twice a year. The partnerships and the collaboration which Homeless Connect brings about helps the entire not for profit and business community and individuals get connected and stay connected. We would encourage you to contribute to this event and support other groups who work tirelessly with the homeless community.

Sponsors: Sponsors are businesses that provide large-scale in-kind donations. Examples are:

  • Cloth / re-useable bags
  • Food and Beverages for up to 2000 people – uncooked and prepared food, water bottles, meat, pasta, sauce, salad vegetables, bread buns, butter, tea and coffee, juice, pastries, doughnuts and cookies, fruit
  • 250 T-shirts for Volunteers
  • Promotion and Advertising – prior to the event via outdoor media, TV / Radio PSAs, print advertising, social media marketing
  • Printing – programs and guest passports, exit interviews, brochures, business-card size event promotion
  • Signage – inside the venue, directing individuals to services, catering, etc
  • Stationery / Paper Products
  • Video production (to record, film, produce and edit a documentary of the event)
  • Photography (to provide a photographic record of the event, for event organizers to use in future marketing)

Sponsors will be recognized in the following way:

  • Name and logo on the media release
  • Name and logo on signage
  • Invitation to media event and Homeless Connect
  • Opportunities to speak about your commitment to Homeless Connect and to ending homelessness in Edmonton
  • Logo on marketing collateral

Individual Donations

In addition to the sponsorship list above, Homeless Connect also requires the following items for Comfort Kits:

  • New toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Gently worn and clean Mens Clothing jeans, sweaters, work boots, coats, underwear including socks
  • New hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, razors & shaving cream, hair comb and deodorant
  • Band-aids / First Aid kits, Foot Powder and Odor-eaters
  • Womens personal hygiene items including sanitary protection.

Set Up a Donation Drive

If you would like to help homeless people and dont know how, heres what you can do hold a Donation Drive at work or in your community for Homeless Connect most needed items.

  • Get together with your colleagues, friends and family, and arrange a day or a week for the Donation Drive
  • Download (link to PDF) the posters from Homeward Trust advertising the Drive (fill in the date, location and time to personalize the poster) and place them in your shared spaces kitchens, notice boards etc
  • Arrange for boxes or sturdy bags to be placed in those areas
  • Advertise the Drive through email / intranet / other social networking media
  • Collect the donations and drop them off at the United Way In-kind Centre